Moonsight Planning Lab is Currently Closed.

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Want a sneak peak at whats possible when you plan with the moon?

From Scattered and Erratic in Her Business to Productive and Able to Plan Ahead…

Alicia was already using the Moonsight Planner and seeing amazing results, but she now knows how she interacts with the Moon and is using it to become more productive and give herself permission to rest when she needs it.

Now on a Radically Different Trajectory for this Year…

Lisa was stuck in an agonizing start stop loop in her business, of constant blame and shame. She went from trying to push her way through the week and to-do-list to now knowing her Power Days, and which Moons she works best under.

She Crafts her Blog Posts and Content by the Moon…

Stephanie is a Nurse Practitioner who uses the Moon’s phases and elements to help her work with her own cycles and plan and create her content. It’s put her more in touch with her own internal rhythm.

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