If Your Schedule Is Too Busy And You Can’t Seem to ‘Get Ahead’ Or You Find Yourself Struggling To Stay Focused  – Shave Hours Off Your Workday And Become 10x More Productive By Listening To This Hyper-Focus Hypnosis Subliminal while you work!




Your HypnoWealth™ Custom Sleep Hypnosis for Rest + Productivity Includes:

A Custom Sleep Rest+ Productivity Hypnosis Audio MP3with Binaural Beat Infusion and Background Music, Professionally Recorded $224 value
*Bonus (2) Custom Active Work Productivity Subliminal MP3s (One Chill, One Upbeat) — $97 value

Total Value = $321

Start Re-wiring Your Subconscious Productivity Patterns Today for Only:


Or to put it more accurately…

Instead of trying to get up 3 hours earlier, cut your family time in half, or re-program your DNA, wouldn’t you rather leverage the untapped power of your subconscious mind to effortlessly drop annoying habits, become laser-focused, achieve natural productivity, and make room for self-care all at the same time?…

The science is in and it proves that it can be done — but not by sheer willpower alone.

The truth is most people just keep going through the psychologically painful process of using ineffective therapeutic self-help techniques in a futile attempt to remove old mental-emotional blockages… unfortunately, that’s just NOT how our minds work…


Your mind has been working against you.

We’ve been going about it all wrong…trying to use willpower, self-help techniques, and brain tricks to CONVINCE ourselves (aka our subconscious) to do something that it simply won’t do (because it believes that it’s already doing what’s best for itself).

It’s like the equivalent of trying to tell a toddler to pick up their toys because it’s nice to live in a clean house… ain’t gonna happen…


Let’s be honest… you’ve tried all of the tricks haven’t you? You’ve used bribery, going cold turkey, threats, and even blackmail against yourself in an attempt to change… but nothing we do from this place tends to last very long because that’s just not how we’re wired.

You want real change, not gold stars or lame pats on the back.

You’re tired of repeating the same old, same old, and finding yourself in the same worn-out spot on the carpet.

So let’s dive into some self-improvement myths, shall we?

MYTH #1: Change is based solely on desire.

We’ve all heard the line “if you just wanted it bad enough and we know from neuroscience that pain is an exceptionally powerful motivator, as is the desire for pleasure, but because we’re working with an outdated operating system (think about the habits and coping mechanisms you’ve used since you were 5)… it doesn’t matter how great the potential for change is, if we don’t address the root (what’s been fuelling our coping mechanisms in the first place), then our desire or pain won’t be enough.

We need to address both the root AND we must have the desire to change in order for long-term transformation (neuro-change) to happen.


MYTH #2: It’s just the way I am – I can’t change.

The truth is, it isn’t actually about you, it just comes down to our innate neuro-programming. This isn’t about ‘improving yourself’, in fact, hypnosis has nothing to do with the ‘self’ at all, it goes beyond that. This is why when done effectively, we don’t have to ‘fight’ to change ourselves, we can simply bypass the ‘self’ and get to the root of our neuro-programming. In essence, we skip the mailroom boy and we head right to the CEO – the main decision-maker (your subconscious).

Hypnosis is the fastest shortcut I know to make permanent (and often painless) changes to our habits and programming… because we’re skipping the middleman!


MYTH #3: Your choices have gotten you
where you are.

In reality, we’re a product of our environment from the get-go. And those we’re surrounded with often dictate the path we ‘choose’ to go down, for better or worse. While it seems like what’s brought you to this point is a series of choices, much of what we have ‘chosen’ has simply been a byproduct of our unexamined subliminal programming.

In simplistic terms — monkey see, monkey do.

This is why, even if it hurts us, our programmed minds believe on some level that it’s always for the best.

And while it seems like much of our lives can feel like a slow-motion train wreck that we can’t seem to avoid, tapping into and leveraging the subconscious intelligence of our minds allows us to break these shackles in the most pain-free and effortless way possible.

If any of the above myths rang true for you, then I want you to know that it’s not your fault…



Your financial and productivity problems exist for a very good reason, but it’s not because you’ve made some big mistake somewhere along the way — it’s because your subconscious mind has been in the hands of those whose priorities have not always had your best interests in mind. In fact, there are 3 main villains who’ve helped shape your unhelpful programming:

VILLAIN #1: Well-intentioned but misguided family members.

FACT: Children who experience psychological control from their parents struggle with mental wellbeing later in life.

Although well-intentioned (for the most part), your family members have had enormous subliminal influence over you mainly because they were the first people you were surrounded with when you came into the world. You had no real choice but to place your trust in these people and hope that they’d take care of you.

Unfortunately, few human beings are perfect and when trust is placed in those who operate from a place of fear, your subconscious mind becomes easily susceptible to subliminal manipulation and inaccurate world views.

VILLAIN #2: The advertising and media industry.

FACT: The global advertising industry makes upwards of 600 billion dollars a year and it has consumers like you and me to thank for it.

It’s not that this industry has figured out a way to cash in on our stupidity, it’s that they’ve figured out a way to cash in on our intelligence. After all, they’ve done their research and so they know we’re smarter than we look; they know that while our conscious minds may only be able to process 40 bits of information a second, they also know that our subconscious minds can process up to 11 MILLION bits of information a second!

If you had access to a supercomputer like that, wouldn’t you want to leverage its capabilities? That’s precisely why they’ve tailored their marketing efforts to affect our subconscious intelligence by using countless subliminal techniques that influence and manipulate our everyday decision-making processes.

VILLAIN #3: The self-help industry and… yes… even hypnotists!

FACT: The Self-Help craze is a 10 billion dollar-a-year industry.

One of the greatest lies we’re fed from an early age is that there’s something wrong with us and that we need fixing. Certainly, we’re programmed with all sorts of negative and harmful behaviors, but that’s all it is: programming. All programming can be re-programmed — nothing needs to be ‘improved’ though… just updated.

If there’s a problem with your computer’s software, you don’t give it encouraging words and tell it to be a better computer, you simply update its operating system, and then you’re on your way.

Unfortunately, there’s a whole industry out there that wants you to believe that a life of happiness requires all kinds of effort and complex thinking in order to change your present circumstances for the better.

Naturally, we have no reason to think that there’s another way because we’ve never really been shown one. We’ve never been shown just how intelligent our subconscious mind really is — at best, we’ve seen some remarkable stage acts from conventional hypnotists who’ve shown us that we have the ability to quack like a duck or talk into a shoe. Rather than helping us though, these hypnotists have tainted our understanding and valuation of what the subconscious mind is and what it’s actually capable of!

The truth is…

There are players out there who have been cashing in on your subconscious intelligence for your entire life using subliminal messaging. You’ve simply grown accustomed to the madness and have managed to normalize the constant barrage of scripted body language, flashy media programming, seductive advertising, and endless retail assault. Needless to say, your subconscious intelligence has been preyed upon ceaselessly and subliminally since day one.

It’s time to take back your power and hack your own supercomputer so that you can benefit directly from your own intelligence. After all, shouldn’t YOU be the one that benefits most from it?

The biggest obstacle to hypnosis working for you is: public perception

So let’s just take a moment and burn ALL images in your head of people sitting on stage quacking like ducks and Principal Krupp turning into Captain Underpants after looking into George Beard’s 3D Hypno-Ring…

Hypnosis does indeed work and can certainly be used for entertainment purposes, but that’s just not how I roll.

In fact, every single time you’ve ever seen someone behave in a ridiculous manner under hypnosis, what you were actually seeing is someone who already AGREED (on a subconscious level) to take part in something that was going to be entertaining and silly. In other words, every person who’s ever been hypnotized had to give the hypnotist their consent FIRST before participating (whether they were consciously aware of that or not).

The truth is, no hypnotist has ever been able to control anybody – it’s only ever appeared that way. The hypnotist is simply a guide on your journey to the destination you desire.  

Think of it this way: when you hop on a plane, are you the one flying it? No. Do you understand the mechanics of that plane and how it enables itself to fly through the air? Probably not. Do you need to? No! Your only job is to know where you want to go, to grab your ticket and take a seat. That’s it. Oh, you also have to trust that the pilot knows where he or she is going (trust is key)…. otherwise that plane will never be cleared for takeoff.

Hypnosis is a plane ride and the hypnotist is your pilot. I’m a hell of a pilot, so you’re in for a treat…


In fact, the exact opposite is true. In hypnosis, you are in a heightened state of control. The hypnotist simply guides you into the hypnotic state and then directs your attention to focus on an area that you’ve already agreed to focus on. That plane won’t go anywhere that you haven’t already indicated it was okay for it to go to.

With subliminal hypnosis, like the one I’m offering you here in addition to the participatory one, it’s a bit like flying on autopilot – you’ve recognized where you want to go (you want to update old productivity patterns), you’re going to program those instructions into the main computer (listen to the subliminal mp3 while you go about your day) and allow the autopilot to take over (allow the subliminal messaging to do its work) so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…

It’s a win-win — the more you experience the state of hypnosis with me, the less baggage you’ll carry and the more accustomed you’ll become to experiencing life effortlessly and efficiently even when you’re not in hypnosis.

Hesitation is a sign of intelligence…

You know that in order to actually achieve the degree of success that you envision for your life & business, that you’ll first need to confront and resolve the areas of your mind that have been keeping you stuck all of these years. The only problem is, these are the same areas that you’ve locked away intentionally due to past trauma and self-limiting agreements.

…And you have no interest in digging up these skeletons and re-living old painful experiences.

That’s why you’ve always settled for…

An underlying pessimistic outlook on almost all of your current & future projects.

An unconscious impoverished belief system around money.

An inability to focus for large periods of time.

An inability to trust in the creative flow.

Unhelpful advice from family and friends.

Cyclical procrastination.

…I understand because I used to be in the same situation. My life used to oscillate between themes of lack and limitation. The good news (although it wasn’t perceived as good news at the time) is that my life turned down an even darker path which ultimately forced me to awaken from my slumber rather abruptly.

Fortunately, YOU don’t have to wait until your life is full of turmoil in order for real transformation to take place…


Hi, My name’s Kyle Hoobin and I’m a Hypnotist.

(Not a ‘make you quack like a duck’ hypnotist, not a ‘let’s work on this for hours and hours’ hypnotherapist, just your friendly ‘let’s get that fixed’ neighborhood hypnotist).

For the past 20 years I’ve worked with hundreds of truth-seeking entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals, held retreats in both the US and Canada, and published numerous self-inquiry books. In that time I’ve witnessed over and over 

again just how powerful and transformative hypnosis can be for those who are ready for real change in their lives. I come from a self-inquiry background and thus my system infuses that understanding with proven hypnosis techniques.

This is an important point because most hypnotists have not made the connection that the hypnotic state is actually your original and natural state because they themselves have not worked through their own unhelpful conditioning in order to come to that realization. At best, they view the hypnotic state as a strange aspect of the mind that can be exploited for their own personal interests. When you work with me you’re in a safe space — you can trust that my intention is only to help you grow in awareness as you grow your business at the same time.

Kismet Unfolding: A rendezvous with one of my teachers, Eckhart Tolle, in 2003


I created Restful Sleep, Productive Mornings to help entrepreneurs move beyond the psychological barriers that contribute to sleep deprivation and productivity issues (which are both intimately linked). I’d like to take 100% credit for the creation of this, however it came together at the (not so gentle) nudging of my wife Vanessa who supports clients in working with their natural productivity cycles. 

During the creative process of creating this track, I realized that a good percentage of clients would benefit from ongoing support throughout their workday, which lead to the creation of a bonus subliminal recording to compliment the participatory one.

The final result is a powerful and transformative hypnosis package that will work while you’re asleep AND while you’re awake! (You’re busy, and things aren’t about to slow down anytime soon, and that means you need to maximize your results however, and wherever you can.)

THE SCIENCE IS IN… SUBLIMINALS (not just participatory hypnosis) WORKS.

Remember: you first have to be ready for what the subliminal intends to deliver before it can address and transform the root issue (something most hypnotists and hypnosis products tend to leave out). If you don’t truly feel the need to correct what the subliminal intends to correct for you, then your subconscious mind will simply hear what’s being spoken and then dismiss it as unnecessary or irrelevant information.

Fortunately, you’ve arrived here because you already recognize on some level the genuine need for better sleep and productivity in your life and business which means you’re already primed to benefit from this hypnosis.

My subliminals actually work because I use techniques that are backed by scientific studies — my 4-stage subliminal process is based on these studies which ensures that the right information gets to where it needs to get to and changes what needs to be changed:


I use binaural beats because they’re effective at entraining the brain to match specific brain-wave frequencies. FACT: A 2005 study published in the medical journal Anaesthesia found that patients who listened to binaural beat music just prior to undergoing surgery experienced a significant reduction in acute pre-operative anxiety because the music entrained their brains to produce a frequency that activates deep relaxation.

All of my subliminal recordings incorporate a Binaural Beat at a Theta frequency of 7Hz because that’s the same brain frequency needed for light hypnosis to take place and it also happens to be the same frequency that facilitates deep insight, profound inspiration, and creative visualization.

As far as hypnosis goes, the phenomenon is no longer theoretical. FACT: a 2016 study by Stanford University essentially proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that hypnosis is real and that specific areas of the brain are affected when someone is under hypnosis; the dorsal anterior cingulate, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the insula, the medial prefrontal cortex, and the posterior cingulate cortex. What this means is that the very areas of the brain that control attention, brain-body connection, and self-consciousness become accessible and open to suggestion during hypnosis. 

Subliminal audio, when edited correctly, can allow hypnotic messaging to pass through the conscious mind’s filter and reach the subconscious mind directly (where all transformation takes place). FACT: A peer-reviewed study on the efficacy of subliminal messaging published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease found that when a message is recorded at a high rate of speed, the subconscious mind is able to perceive it while the conscious mind is unable to.

Once the binaural beat has opened the door for hypnosis to take place, creative inspiration begins to deepen and the subconscious mind becomes receptive towards the messaging. At this point, all of the new helpful information and suggestions start to update the old outdated programming that your mind received long ago.

Essentially, you simply listen to an engaging and relaxing melody while all of the transformative heavy lifting takes place in the background as you work!

The real problem: You want real change to happen and yet you don’t have the time for a 3-month self-inquiry retreat in Tibet…

You just want to experience deep rest, consistent productivity, and creativity with rock-solid confidence in what you’re doing WITHOUT the emotionally grueling experience of having to work through each and every dark painful corner of your psyche in order to achieve that end. 

The Solution: The Restful Sleep, Productive Mornings recording(s) combines my experience in the fields of self-inquiry and hypnosis with the scientifically proven techniques of accelerated subliminal messaging and binaural beat entrainment so that you can resolve old unhelpful mental-emotional programming effortlessly while you work. Why struggle to change your ways when you can just hit the play button and find yourself gaining:

A renewed self-confidence so that you’re no longer distrusting the flow of life.

New mental-emotional coping mechanisms so that you can handle and expect the unexpected.

New brain pathways for dealing with old response patterns so that flexible thinking becomes easier.

Successful money-making habits so that attracting financial wealth becomes a natural byproduct of how you live.

A Greater self-awareness so that you’re no longer pulled along by fear-based motivations.

An almost irritating sense of happiness, confidence, and peace that annoys the #$%^& out of your family, friends & colleagues…



Your HypnoWealth™ Custom Sleep Hypnosis for Rest + Productivity Includes:

A Custom Sleep Hypnosis Audio MP3
 Binaural Beat Infusion and Background Music,
Professionally Recorded
 $224 value
*Bonus (2) Custom Active Work Productivity Subliminal MP3s (One Chill, One Upbeat) — $97 value

Total Value = $321

Start Re-wiring Your Subconscious Productivity Patterns Today for Only:


A condition of comfort, warmth, safety, and silence enveloped me at times during the session (and afterward). I suffer from a lot of self-consciousness which is even with me when I close my eyes and meditate (particularly in groups). Hypnosis with Kyle was much more profound for me than meditation has ever been. It drew my attention away from myself and towards external points of relaxed concentration.

That weekend after the session I experienced a number of social situations which had previously been anxiety-inducing and I experienced them with either zero or much-reduced anxiety. Most importantly I experienced something new — a great sense of wellbeing. At times it was greater than it had been during the hypnosis session. For the first two days after the session, thoughts no longer seemed as problematic or urgent. The inner dialogue that had previously swept me away with it no longer seemed worth the effort. There was a tremendous feeling of intuitive depth that was just nice to sit in and watch the world pass by without that feeling of low-level anxiety. I see merit in Kyle’s use of this modality both from a healing perspective and in terms of driving the frustrated seeker deeper. I will be doing more sessions with him.”

— John Cromer of Adelaide, Australia



You don’t believe that there’s subconscious programming influencing your day-to-day actions.

You think that you can’t be hypnotized.

You think that your situation is too unique and that you’re ‘beyond hope’.

You’ve tried hypnosis before and it didn’t work.

You’re skeptical that the transformation you need can be achieved without the conscious mind figuring things out first.

“The truth is that our unconscious minds are active, purposeful, and independent. Hidden they may be, but their effects are anything but, for they play a critical role in shaping the way our conscious minds experience and respond to the world.”

— Leonard Mlodinow, Theoretical Physicist

Here is your dismissal notice:

You want to transform unhelpful tendencies, manage your busy workload and make time for self-care but don’t have the time in your schedule to do any or all of those things. Dismissed.

You want to remove old mental-emotional blockages and achieve greater productivity in a safe, practical, and scientifically proven manner but don’t want to go through the psychologically exhausting process of using conventional therapeutic / self-help techniques. Dismissed.

You find it challenging to focus for large periods of time. Dismissed.

You find it challenging to trust in the creative flow. Dismissed.

You struggle with cyclical procrastination. Dismissed.

You just want something that will work in conjunction with your business and daily routine but you don’t want to reinvent the wheel in order for positive change to start happening. Dismissed.

You can’t manage your time because most of your time is spent feeling scattered. Dismissed.

You know that real change happens on the inside first but you’ve got kids AND a second job and you don’t have the time to visit Dr. Phil on top of everything else that has to get done. (You’re also in no mood for a ‘holier than thou’ lecture from some supposedly saintly human). Dismissed.

What makes these recordings different from all the other hypnosis and self-help material out there?

Hypnosis (if used correctly) helps to re-awaken the original mind / your original innocence. My HypnoWealth™ method is based upon this ultimate goal.

Your struggles in business cannot be fully remedied by the use of conventional therapeutic/motivational techniques because those methods are only a band-aid approach and do not make full contact with the underlying root cause of the issue(s) – they don’t make contact with the subconscious mind which is causing the issues to continually resurface.

Your mind is a sophisticated piece of psychological machinery – to change its ways requires a skilled mechanic who knows the right tools to use and the right parts to use them on. You could just keep reading all of those self-help books and keep listening to that latest life-mastery guru in the hopes that something in your life will change as a result, but that’s tantamount to a doctor closing their eyes and ‘winging it’ during open-heart surgery… on themselves.


Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about my hypnosis & subliminal recordings.

What exactly is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a highly focused state of awareness where the conscious mind is guided (through my words) into a state of expansion so that it can easily set itself aside for a while as the subconscious mind is communicated with directly. This is the reason hypnosis is so transformative. After all, real change happens through the subconscious mind, which is the true decision maker.

What will the subliminal correct for me?

Your productivity patterns have both positive and negative aspects to them. The negative aspects of your productivity patterns are what I address and correct during the hypnosis. Insufficiency, distrust, fear, and unworthiness are the most common forms of these negative aspects.

What's the difference between participatory hypnosis and subliminal hypnosis?

Participatory hypnosis and subliminal hypnosis are very similar in that they both involve bypassing the conscious mind so that any messages and suggestions given by the hypnotist can be received directly by the subconscious mind.

The main difference between the two is that participatory hypnosis requires the hypnotist to guide the subject through an induction process in order to bypass the conscious mind and achieve the hypnotic state while subliminal hypnosis does not. With subliminal hypnosis, the conscious mind is bypassed through the use of accelerated messaging (or other techniques) that only the subconscious mind can understand thereby preventing the conscious mind from analyzing and blocking the suggestions. Both methods of hypnosis seek to bypass the conscious mind’s filter so that new information can be given directly to the subconscious.

Do I go to sleep or something?

With subliminal hypnosis, there’s no need for the body to become still and asleep because the conscious mind is bypassed though the use of accelerated audio playback rather than through the use of the hypnotist’s sleep-induction process.

With participatory hypnosis, your mind is still acutely alert and awake but the body itself often drops into a form of r.e.m. sleep or deep, deep relaxation.


What is required of me while listening to the recordings?

The only thing required of you when you listen to the recordings is to trust in the process (which includes trusting that my intention is to genuinely help you). When you trust in the process, your conscious mind’s filter is more easily bypassed and so any new helpful information can be received more easily by the subconscious mind.

Can I be made to do something or change something that I don’t agree with?

Not at all. In hypnosis I offer suggestions to the subconscious mind that then pass through its own ethical and moral code filter. If there were ever something that the subconscious mind did not agree with, then the suggestion would simply not be followed. Ultimately, this is a non-issue as I will only be offering the subconscious mind helpful and intelligent suggestions that provide positive transformations.

How will I know if the recordings are working?

While listening to the participatory and subliminal recordings, you’ll start to notice a heightened sense of awareness and an increased ability to focus more easily on whatever is happening in the moment. This is because my hypnosis recordings help your brain to access the Theta frequency; a brain wave that has been shown to activate creativity and deep insight. After you’ve listened to the recordings, you’ll notice that your energy reserves are not as depleted as they normally are and that you feel a greater sense of accomplishment and contentment. This means that the suggestions given to your subconscious mind during the hypnosis have taken root and have successfully updated your old unhelpful programming.

How long should I listen to the recordings?

You can listen to your participatory and subliminal recordings as many times as you’d like. In fact, the more you listen to them, the more your mind will adjust to the new information being offered in them. The more the mind adjusts and accepts the new information, the more positive transformation(s) will take place.

The participatory hypnosis recording will complete itself while you’re asleep and the messages within the subliminal recording are condensed which means they will still be communicated to your subconscious mind regardless of how long the audio is played. Many people find that the subliminal recording helps them to focus a great deal more and so they tend to just let it play on repeat throughout their day.

Is the subliminal recording easy to listen to?

Yes! I’ve crafted this sublininal so that it’s both effective AND enjoyable to listen to. Your subliminal has been edited in such a way that both the hypnotic messaging and Binaural Beat are non-intrusive and easily masked by a more noticeable melody. This melody is both relaxing and stimulating so that you can listen to your subliminal for as long as you wish.

It feels strange to think that my mind can be changed without me being a part of that process, how do I become okay with that?

Just know that you ARE in fact a part of that process. As mentioned earlier, hypnotic suggestions can’t take root if you haven’t already agreed on a conscious level to allow them to. This means that the hypnotic suggestions given during your hypnosis will only take root in the areas of your mind that you’ve already deemed unhelpful and in need of correction.



Your HypnoWealth™ Custom Sleep Hypnosis for Rest + Productivity Includes:

A Custom Sleep Hypnosis Audio MP3
 Binaural Beat Infusion and Background Music,
Professionally Recorded
 $224 value
*Bonus (2) Custom Active Work Productivity Subliminal MP3s (One Chill, One Upbeat)$97 value

Total Value = $321

Start Re-wiring Your Subconscious Productivity Patterns Today for Only:


If you listen, it will come…

Imagine having full confidence in your own abilities, iron-clad trust in the process of creativity, and consistently successful results from any new project you launch… without the pessimism, procrastination, and trust issues holding you back anymore.

Because things like a steady income, more free time, more productive work time, more creative freedom, an abundant lifestyle, and a community that is in love with what you’re doing are all a part of a paradigm shift that’s possible and achievable when your subconscious blocks are transformed through hypnosis and subliminal re-programming.

You can already see it – you fall asleep quickly and deeply to the meditative guidance of the sleep hypnosis recording and then in the morning as your day begins, you tuck those earphones of yours into your pocket so that when you sit down to work you can just put them on and hit the play button on your subliminal MP3. As work begins, you quickly begin feeling a heightened sense of awareness; a noticeable steady increase in your ability to focus on the task at hand. As your workday moves along you start to realize that not only has your focus improved, but your productivity levels are through the roof – it’s as if you’ve accomplished an entire day’s work in just a couple of hours. By the end of the day, not only have you accomplished more than what you thought possible, you also aren’t burnt out like usual either. In fact, you feel a sense of fulfillment and contentment and you still have the energy reserves to enjoy your time off!

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