The Great American Eclipse & Uranian Revolution: A CEO’s Guide to Thriving in Transformative Times

Navigating the Eclipse & Jupiter-Uranus Shift: Mastering Market Disruptions and Financial Growth in the New Astrological Era

Thursday, April 4th, 2024

10am PDT/ 11am MDT/ 1pm EDT/ 6pm UK Time

Unlock your Personal Activation Degrees in this Astro Salon, for the coming Aries Solar Eclipse & Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction. Learn what areas are highlighted for you to take action and risk, how to calm inflammation and overwhelm, and what opportunities are available to you for innovation and financial growth for the next decade. 


Here’s just a taste of what we’ll be uncovering:

  • Why we are feeling ‘burnt’ out, apathetic, and experiencing a more heightened sense of fear than usual This is the second solar eclipse in Aries we’ve experienced since last year. As the nodes continue to move through Aries-Libra we are craving balance and calmness but instead find energy and situations inflamed. With being at the halfway point of this cycle with another 9 months left, join me as we discuss how to manage our energy better so we can stay out of the fire and instead rebuild our fortitude.
  • The ‘Great American Eclipse’ marks a significant astrological event for most of North America – While we experience anywhere between 4 – 6 eclipses a year, which act as portals of nodal energy, this one is significant because it will be a total eclipse and its path will activate a significant portion of the Canadian-US-Mexican landscape. It will also cross two previous eclipse paths from 2023 and 2017 creating an ‘X’ marks the spot location of increased activity within the US which has already experienced a great amount of pressure. Join me as we walk through the implications of this eclipse within these countries and the potential longer-term impact of further astrological activations.
  • The Effect of the Eclipse on your natal chart – Historically speaking eclipses, especially when visible were a big deal, our ancestors understood this as a sign when one of our light bodies was ‘eclipsed’ by something larger, visibly changing it, lasting anywhere from minutes to hours depending on their location. During our Astrosalon together we’ll be discussing what is being ‘eclipsed’ within your chart, and the potential opportunities for you to leverage the North Node energy being released by this eclipse.
  • Born in 1968, 1971-1977, 1979 – 1982, 1986-1987? You’ll be feeling the impact of this eclipse more than everyone else, I’ll be giving you the full breakdown of what aspects of your chart will be activated, how to leverage it, and use it for good over the course of the next several years.


  • The North Node rules our collective purpose and global trends, they also mark upturns or downturns in economic cycles, recovery periods, and changes in real estate cycles. The South Node rules losses and what we are moving away from as a collective, industries that will experience losses, and collective losses on a cultural level. 
  • In the past few years we have moved through several Nodal transits: 
  • Nov 2018 –  June 2020 North Node Cancer/ South Node Capricorn (Family/Business)
  • June 2020 – December 2021 North Node Gemini/ South Node Sagittarius  (Education/Travel)
  • December 2021 – July 2023  North Node Taurus/ South Node Scorpio (Money-Home/Debt-Secrets)
  • July 2023 – January 2025 North Node Aries/ South Node Libra (CURRENT) (Survival-Leadership/Justice-Luxury)
  • January 2025 – August 2026 North Node Pisces/ South Node Virgo (COMING) (Subconscious-Intuition/Conscious-Anxiety-Health)
  • In this Astrosalon I’ll be discussing the market shifts within each of these cycles, where we are now, and where we are going. 


  • Uranus the planet of transformation, shocks and innovation entered Taurus (the sign of business, currency, food, and commerce) in May of 2018, where it will remain until April 2026 (outside of a short excursion to Gemini in July – November 2025).
  • The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1934 – 1942 which brought about the advent of welfare, the development of the atomic bomb, and the victory garden.
  • Uranus brings about rebellion, technological advances, and massive changes to ‘the status quo’. We won’t see Uranus in Taurus again for another 84-ish years, meaning this event will not happen again in your lifetime.
  • Back in 2022, I hosted a special Cycles for CEOs on the Uranus-North Node- Mars Conjunction in Taurus. This new transit is occurring just a few degrees away from that activation, continuing the elements begun under that transit, such as announcements, changes, and introductions to digital currencies, CBDCs, UBI (Universal Basic Income), cryptocurrencies, food technology, nanotechnology, as well as regulation around these areas. During this event, we’ll be covering changes and further developments within these areas as well as others. 
  • Jupiter and Uranus come together approximately every 13/14 years. This conjunction brings about innovation in technology, but also increased risk-taking and has often marked periods of increased war, in the themes of the sign its occurring in. In Taurus, we will see the merging of technology (Uranus) and expansion of power (Jupiter) in relation to land, food, real estate, business, currency, and cost (inflation). During this event, I’ll be breaking down potential areas where we will see changes, from online payment providers to markets and industries, and more. 


Join us in this pivotal Live Salon as we navigate the transformative waters of the Great American Eclipse in Aries and the groundbreaking Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus. Don’t miss the chance to position your business at the forefront of this new era. Sign up now to secure your spot in charting a path through these transformative times.

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We will come to remember this time as before 2020, and after 2020, don’t let these changes catch your business unaware. Join me and Plan Using the Cycles…


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