How To Leverage The Moon’s Transits For Your Business Marketing Strategy & Launch Planning without needing to interpret a SINGLE astrological symbol.

MARCH 7th, 9th, 11th
10am PDT/1pm EDT/6pm UK time

Join me for this three-part event where I will show you the EXACT steps I personally use to map out and plan my own launches and offers and those of my clients by the Moon. 

Cost: 100% Commitment. While This Event is FREE to attend, in order for you to receive the benefits and long-term transformation, you need to be fully invested.  Spots are limited. If you know that you cannot invest the time, please reserve the spots for those who can.


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Day 1: Moonsight Planning System

During Day one we will dive into The Moonsight Planning System


  • The Moon’s movement through the signs/elements and its impact on your personal astrology (aka, why you go from feeling fired up to frumpy with the flick of a switch)
  • How to create consistency in your business by tracking the Moon so you aren’t at the mercy of the Jekyll-Hyde effect.
  • The Lunar Litmus test, how to know when you’re launching the right thing at the right time, by working with the Elemental Productivity System and the 8 Lunar Phases as a container for your projects and offers. 

Day 2: The Moon & Social Media

Day two we’ll be diving into the Moon and Social Media.


  • How the Moon rules the public.  It also shows us how we emotionally interact, and why experience roller coasters of emotion, energy, and focus in our business.
  • How to locate your ‘Social Media’ House and how to use it in your business to target your marketing and sell out your offers.
  • How to locate which days are your best social media days and how this plays into your Launches, so you can finally stop beating yourself up about not being more consistent AND no longer launch to crickets.

Day 3: The Moonsight Launch System

During day three we will be diving into the Moonsight Launch System:


  • The Four Elements of a Drool-worthy Launch (aka one that meets the needs of your audience so they’re practically pleading with you to take their money)
  • The most potent astrological windows for launching, and how even planning your launch around ONE of these windows can determine how easy or how difficult your launch will be.
  • Mercury Rx – Launch yay or nay? How this tiny little planet rules everything from communication to e-commerce and the internet and how to predict where and when it will impact your offers, and how to leverage it. 

It’s time to finally put an end to thrown-together launches, overwhelm, and hustle once-and-for-all and start working with the lunar phases so that you can feel aligned, organized, and in the flow knowing EXACTLY the optimum times to launch, create and rest.



Note: Spots are Limited. This is a High-Touch Event. Please only sign up if you are ready to commit and be invested in your own growth. Once you click “I’m In!” you will be taken to a private invitation page with the next steps.


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Meet the Launch Psychic,  Creator of Moonsight Planner & the Moonsight Planning System.

I am Vanessa and I guide visionary entrepreneurs, creatives, and sensitives on how to manage their energy, work with the lunar cycles, breakthrough limiting beliefs and tap into their gifts using the science of metaphysics and the timing of thousand-year-old astrological cycles. I started exploring intuition and energy medicine in 1998 and managed to go from complete skeptic to holding sessions for thousands of people around the world, writing for the Huffington Post, and being a guest speaker at the Edgar Cayce Conference. 

My clients have used my fluff-free, down-to-earth teachings and insight to leave their dead-end jobs, create abundant passion-based businesses, shift and clear trauma and negative beliefs, create lasting authentic relationships and step into their unique gifts and excitements. I have since gone on to publish a series of yearly lunar and astrological Planners called Moonsight Planner which is now in its 5th year of production. 

Hustling is for those who don’t have a plan.
Let’s make sure your biz doesn’t end up as another statistic.
 Join me – 3 trainings that will change the way you do business forever.


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