WEDNESDAY, JULY 10th, 2024

10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm GMT

Ready for Stars, S’mores & Certification?
Scale Your Business Using Astrology

Join me for the re-opening of Moonsight Business Astrology™ Program & Begin your journey as a Certified Practitioner or Astrologer in less than 12 Weeks.

The ONLY Business Astrology Mentorship Program Of Its Kind For Astrologers & Service Providers Who Want To Build & Grow Sustainable, Niche-Specific & Stand-Out Businesses Using The Power of Astrological Planning. 

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 – The fastest and most strategic way to marketing your services, pricing your offers and building an offer stack that sells, sells, sells is through applying the structure of business seasons to your offers. 

– Knowing where your clients fall within these seasons can help you to customize your services to build recurring business for yourself, as well as offer the right services/programs or products at the right time. 

– Defining your own business season can also help you determine if you’re ready for ‘scaling’, what business foundations you should be focusing on first, and helping you know exactly where to invest your time and energy.

– We’ll be talking about the 4 business seasons, how to determine what season your clientelle occupies, and what they need within that season to flourish, as well as what is most beneficial for you in your current season.  


 – The use of planetary timing and working with their cycles within your own business and as you work with clients can help you determine the ‘wounds’ of your client base – simply by knowing their average age. This allows us to locate their Chiron sign which shows you what they need most and where they are motivated to make big changes for themselves and their families. 

– Planetary timing also helps us to plan and grow our businesses, services and foundations using clearly defined project and marketing containers. 

– Understanding what planetary cycles are operating most within your life and business at this time can help relieve stress and anxiety, understand the purpose of the cycle you’re in and help you to leverage it for your long-term business success. 

– It’s also excellent for helping your clients to plan their goals, launches, marketing, offers, content and next steps. And to anticipate periods of lower energy, focus, or other personal needs. 


– One of the biggest shifts in the astrological market and demand is coming, in what is shaping up to be a multi-billion dollar a year industry, with unprecedented growth, this period marks an opportunity for you in your work to step fully into becoming an astrologer or using astrology to expand your niche and specialization, and merge your work with astrology to become a stand-out expert in your industry. 

– Most businesses struggle because they go for the ‘low-hanging fruit’ the 3% of buyers who are already aware and ready to buy. Problem is, everyone else is focusing on those buyers as well, making it a feeding frenzy for business. Imagine being ahead of your industry by focusing on content education to your market so that when they are ready to buy, you’re the first person they think of. Planning your content cycles and creating a recurring revenue content stream for your work and offers is the  fastest way to stay relevant and scale your business leaving your competitors in the dust. 

Moonsight Business Astrology Level 1 Starts on July 10, 2024 –  Join me on July 3rd to learn about the path to certification and secure your spot to become a Moonsight Certified Practitioner or Astrologer.

Meet the Astrologer & Creator of Moonsight Planner™, Mystic Business School™ and Cycles for CEOs™

Vanessa Corazon is a Business Astrologer, Planetary Cycles Timing Strategist & Intuitive Business Coach. 
As a multi-passionate entrepreneur and mother of four, Vanessa’s struggles with consistency and self-doubt propelled her to explore the intersection of astrology, intuition, and productivity. This deep dive into her psyche led her to uncover the profound impact of lunar & astrological cycles on her energy, creativity, and overall well-being.

Drawing upon her intuitive insights and over two decades of experience, Vanessa developed the Moonsight Planning System in 2017—a groundbreaking methodology that harmonizes business strategies with cosmic rhythms. Through her work, she empowers ambitious entrepreneurs to embrace their unique gifts, confidently navigate challenges, and chart a course to sustainable success.

There has never been a better time to follow your passion in working with astrological cycles – Join me and let’s make those dreams a reality.

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