Use The Power of Your Intuition to Align, Plan, Launch & Scale Your Soul-Fueled Business Without Using A Single Oracle Card.

(And Finally Put An End To Overwhelm, Burn-out and Missed Opportunities – For GOOD.)

JUNE 4-6, 2024
10 am PDT/ 11pm MDT/ 1pm EDT/ 6pm UK Time.

During Our Virtual Retreat Together We Will Be Uncovering Your Psychic Gifts, Releasing Energetic and Emotional Blocks and Merging Proven Business Strategy & Astrological Timing To Help You Run Your Business without Fear or Burnout.

Cost: 100% Commitment. While This Event is FREE to attend, in order for you to receive the benefits and long-term transformation, you need to be fully invested.  Spots are limited. If you know that you cannot invest the time, please reserve the spots for those who can.

the mystic ceo method

 – Tapping into your NATURAL intuitive style, WITHOUT tools, so that you can receive insight for yourself in your business direction, At WILL.

– Communicating directly with the ESSENCE of your business and it’s gifts for you.

– Merging Your Business Strategy with the Soul-Purpose of Your Business and Personal Vision.

– Energy Raising Techniques

– Group Psychic Development Training & More.

The receptive state & breaking the fear cycle

 – Adrenal Vs ‘Source’ Energy & How to use Astrological Cycles & Timing for validation and alignment. 

– Launching and Creating with the ebbs and flows in mind – How to tell the difference between PUSHING and SABOTAGE and ALIGNING & TAKING INSPIRED ACTION.

– Group Psychic Business Coaching & Strategy Sessions.

– How To Create UNLIMITED Aligned Content, without Burning Out.

– Stepping out of ‘busy-ness’ and into purpose. 

the 'productivity' hypnosis

– Raising Our Inner Receiving Limit & Challenging outdated concepts of ‘Productivity’ & ‘Consistency’. 

 – Unravelling Old Belief Systems and Trauma Patterns that are Keeping You Stuck in The Wash.

– How to Interrupt Unhealthy Habits & Doubt and Address the Root

– How to Tap Into Unlimited Flow In Your Business

– Energetic Alignment – Beyond Law of Attraction 

– A New Business Paradigm with ‘Source’ at the Center. 

This Event Will Include High-Touch Training & Group Coaching To Help You Uncover Your Own Intuitive Gifts and Start Leveraging Them In Your Business.

Note: Spots are Limited. This is a High-Touch Event. Please only sign up if you are ready to commit and be invested in your own growth. Once you click “I’m In!” you will be taken to a private invitation page with the next steps. 

Meet the Astrologer & Creator of Mystic CEO™, Moonsight Planner™, Mystic Business School™ and Cycles for CEOs™

Vanessa Corazon is a Business Astrologer, Planetary Cycles Timing Strategist & Intuitive Business Coach. 
As a multi-passionate entrepreneur and mother of four, Vanessa’s struggles with consistency and self-doubt propelled her to explore the intersection of astrology, intuition, and productivity. This deep dive into her psyche led her to uncover the profound impact of lunar & astrological cycles on her energy, creativity, and overall well-being.

Drawing upon her intuitive insights and over two decades of experience, Vanessa developed the Moonsight Planning System in 2017—a groundbreaking methodology that harmonizes business strategies with cosmic rhythms. Through her work, she empowers ambitious entrepreneurs to embrace their unique gifts, confidently navigate challenges, and chart a course to sustainable success.

Your Business Has A Soul Of It’s Own..And It’s Beckoning You To Listen…

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